Ian Anderson founded cult graphic design studio The Designers Republic™ almost three decades ago. Considered to have had a definite influence in the electronic music and gaming fields, the vast and diverse TDR work includes campaigns for global brands such as Coca-Cola and Sony, redefining the image of institutions such as Manchester School of Art or the Gulbekian Foundation (Lisbon)....Ian AndersonIan Anderson
Pavel Rajčan is the founder of the impressive film poster collection “Terry Posters” in Prague, counting over 60.000 items (over 13,000 are available online at Terry-Posters.com). He curates Czech film poster exhibitions and is one of the managers of 2 of the biggest art cinemas in Prague, the Aero and the Světozor. Czechoslovak film poster design tells a very colourful and...Pavel RajčanPavel Rajčan
Nelu Wolfensohn was born in Bucharest, Romania. He graduated graphic design at the Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem and continued education in History and Art History at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He also studied Graphic Design at the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) and in Muriel Cooper's Visible Language Workshop at the Massachusetts Institute of...Nelu WolfensohnNelu Wolfensohn
Ovidiu Hrin studied architecture at the Polytechnics University and graphic design at the Art University in Timisoara. In 2001 he founded Synopsis, a versatile graphic design studio, focusing on design projects ranging from complex communication systems to exhibition design and graphic design for a wide range of clients in both cultural and corporate realm. Throughout his career,...Ovidiu HrinOvidiu Hrin
HI Visuelle
HI Visuelle Gestaltung is a Swiss design studio founded by Megi Zumstein and Claudio Barandun in 2007. With a background in typography and graphic design, Megi and Claudio combine their different approaches in a creative kind of ping-pong, then working as a welded unit on editorial projects for cultural institutions, type design and poster design or signage. Inspired by tangible...HI Visuelle GestaltungHI Visuelle Gestaltung
Alexe Popescu (alexe.ro) is a designer working in Bucharest.Alexe PopescuAlexe Popescu
Adnan is a freelance graphic designer based in Timisoara, Romania. He is interested and trying just about anything connected to the medium from print & identity to motion & interactive stuff.Alin-Adnan VasileAlin-Adnan Vasile
Mihaela Popa is a Romanian graphic designer specializing in editorial design, illustrative & custom lettering, experimental type, with an interest in manual paperwork and traditional printmaking techniques. She is the former art director of Omagiu magazine, critically acclaimed magazine for contemporary arts & urban culture, which clearly bears the mark of her distinctive style. First...Mihaela PopaMihaela Popa
Sorina Vazelina is an illustrator and graphic designer born and schooled in Timisoara. She worked at two independent Romanian studios: Synopsis Media and It's Everyday. Her work has been published by Hardcomics, Kus Komics and she is a regular contributing illustrator in Esquire, Playboy and Regard magazine. Some of the projects she's been involved in include: the visual identity for...Sorina VasilescuSorina Vasilescu