1Mexico Alejandro Magallanes

Tolerance 2020 - Empathy during the pandemic

TP #11 / 2020, November
The TOLERANCE 2020 - EMPATHY DURING THE PANDEMIC (EMPATHY PANDEMIC?) exhibition commemorates the International Day for Tolerance (November 16th), the annual observance day declared by the UN to raise awareness for the dangers of prejudice. Through the distinct impact of the poster, it reminds us of what we all have in common: our humanity. Initiated in 2017 by New York based graphic designer Mirko Ilić, the collection of visual musings on the theme of tolerance has thus far carried messages of empathy and compassion to over 40 countries. Aside from showcasing striking visuals created by established designers from all over the world, the purpose of the exhibition is to connect people, initiating much-needed dialogues about inclusion and tolerance. Among more than 50 posters gathered in Piața Libertății in Timișoara, five images created by young Romanian graphic artists will be exhibited for the first time.